A simple sales channel to attract more customers.

Order Lemon is for entrepreneurs who are looking for an additional sales channel, or who don't yet have a webshop and want to offer their customers a simple way to order online.

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Your shop ready in less than a day

Take orders from your customers via WhatsApp

The entire order process is automated
Integrate with your existing cash register system
Manage your catalogue with your phone, tablet or computer
Employees can also  have access to the app and the orders
Customers can easily order in their own language.
With a centralised overview of the orders and payments, preparing everything for the clients on time is very simple and fast.
Transform your shop digitally and reach more clients

Manage your store with ease

OrderLemon works like your virtual employee who ensures that new and existing customers can order and pay quickly and easily via WhatsApp.

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Automated ordering process and online payments

The customer scans the QR code once and orders right away in your WhatsApp shop.

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Increase sales with offers via WhatsApp

Marketing campaigns via WhatsApp have a 98% opening rate, which guarantees a higher ROI.

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Less crowds in the store by spreading work.

Pick-up slots allow you to improve the production planning and reduce the queuing in the store

How does it work for the client?

Ordering in 4 clicks via WhatsApp

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Open WhatsApp and start an order
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Choose the products
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Choose a pick-up moment
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Pay online
for the shops

An overview of OrderLemon

Landing page

If you want OrderLemon for multiple shops, you’ll have a site with only one QR code. On the site, people can choose where to order. This QR code is perfect for promotions on social media or flyers where you don’t know the favourite shop of the people seeing the QR code.


Clients can see a product catalogue of 30 items at a time. We can provide up to ten categories the client can choose from, which means you can have up to three hundred products in the catalogue. The first list of products the client sees are the ones you, as the shop owner, have marked as favourites.


You can add, edit and delete products in the app. There are two ways to add products. One is to fill in all the fields for each product, and the second is to upload an XLSX file with all the product information. You can download a template to fill in in the app as well. You can split the products into different categories. Each category can have up to 30 live products. There can be ten live categories at the same time. You can upload more products, but only the live categories and their products are visible on WhatsApp. By default, WhatsApp lists the categories and products in creation order. You can switch the display order in the app and export a list of the products.


Clients can choose between pickup and delivery. You can disable both options. As for the moment, we can provide ten pickup options to show in WhatsApp.You can choose the maximum order time and whether you want to receive orders on the same day.For delivery, do we ask the client for a name, address and email address - if needed -. Of course, we can add a delivery fee to the receipt. You can set the delivery fee in the settings.


We provide the user with two options for payment: online or manual. As a shop, you cannot disable the online payment option. If the user chooses to pay online, they receive a message with a link to a payment option. On this page, they can choose between Ideal or Bancontact to pay. We would like to add more options in the future.


You can overview all the orders in two different lists. One is on the home page, and the second is the export mode. The home page lists all orders. Those are clickable and will open with all the information to make this order. The export mode allows you to filter the orders with a bunch of filters, such as the status of the order or all the orders between two dates. If you like to export those filtered orders, you can export them in an XLSX or CSV file.


To see all the campaigns in your shop, you can open the campaigns page in the app. You can click them open and see the details and analytics. To create one, you just click on the add button. Start from a template or from scratch if you are adventurous. You can configure discounts on complete orders, reductions for specific products and even on a group of products. Even if you want to add campaigns with a select amount of products and a specific pickup time, you can use our campaign builder.

Create now your
own WhatsApp shop

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Simplify orders and payments
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Reduce queues in the store
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Send outbound promotions to your customers